Today we are excited to be joined by Joe Swiontek of MoJoe Termite. He brings over 22 years of experience and information on termite damage and reports. He is going to share with us a little expert knowledge today about termites, how to make sure you don't have them, and how to get rid of them if you do.

Some interesting facts we learned about termites from Joe:

- Termites cause more structural damage in the U.S. than all fires, floods, and earthquakes combined. It is very costly and something you should be aware of.  

- Termites emit methane gas, and there have been experiments with using dogs to detect methane and the presence of termites. 

- Termites outweigh humans on the earth by 1,000-1.

Now let's talk about termite inspections. It is a pretty standard inspection, but one that you want to make sure you have done, especially if you are living in an older home, as they are the most susceptible to damage. Most of the time nothing is found in a termite inspection, but you want to be prepared just in case. If you do have damage, Joe has some tips for you on getting it taken care of, and making sure it doesn't happen again.

As we said before, older homes and older neighborhoods are the most vulnerable to termite damage. Tent fumigation can make dealing with damage pretty expensive, but is not the most costly thing people have to deal with. That distinction belongs to outdoor decks. Redwood lumber is extremely expensive, so Joe recommends a maintenance program on your deck, within 10 years of it being built. He also recommends treating the deck with a fungicide to kill spores and fungus, and double the life of your deck.

Having a termite inspection and termite report done is smart for any home buyer. You want to have all the details about your purchase so if you are facing between $8,000 and $10,000 of damage, you can be smart by being armed with this knowledge. Joe simply charges a $95 inspection fee, which is the best rate you are going to find. It's a small cost to have that piece of mind that no wood-eaters will be invading your home.

If you have any questions, make sure to give us a call. We'd love to help!