A lot of people have been asking me how the real estate market will be affected by the upcoming presidential election. I've heard people say that interest rates will be affected and that the market could take a turn for the worse. It seems like nobody really knows what to expect, but I'm here to let you know what's actually going to happen.

People usually wait to buy and sell a home during Presidential elections because different politicians bring different policies, and these all have an effect on the economy.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that this could probably be the best fourth quarter that we could have in a couple of years. When people don't know which direction the economy is going, they'll put major life decisions on hold until they have a better idea of what is going to happen.

If you've been thinking of buying or selling, this fourth quarter could be a fantastic time to do so. We'll see a flurry of activity in the market before a long slowdown during the election. Don't miss out - talk to me today and we can get your home sold quickly and for top dollar!