If you're going through the process of hiring an agent, whether you're buying or selling a home, there are differences in the services and communication provided. Today, we're going to talk about questions we commonly get, so you can decide how to pick an agent.

What's their track record? - If you're going to a doctor, you would like to know how many surgeries they have performed. Same if you were visiting an attorney - you would like to know how many cases they've had and how many were successful. In our community in 2013, we had approximately 4,000 sales among the 2,000 agents in San Luis Obispo. That's about two sales per agent. However, our team sold over 150 properties last year and we're on track to surpass that this year. We have a strong track record in relation to many others in the community, and we've worked hard for it.

What's the service and communication like? - I'm not always the first agent to list a home. Sometimes, a seller and agent get together, but it doesn't work out and the seller wants to try another agent after the contract is up. Once they come to us, the biggest complaint we hear is about communication. This is a challenging business - you have to go through a lot of people, talk to a lot of people, and show homes to a lot of people before making a sale. We've found that our weekly communication with our sellers is something that people like - even if there's one unsuccessful showing, sellers want to know about it. Regular communication is important to us - we want to do such a good job for you that you'll refer your friends and families.

What kind of experience and problem solving skills do you have? - It's like a doctor who sees a broken leg and says, "that break is different, I've seen something like this before." The newer doctor may not know the nuances of the break and may not know the most effective ways to treat it. We've seen uncountable loan inspections and have negotiated numerous home inspections. As a team, we're always working on improving our service and our problem solving, so we can take a challenge and make those transactions as smooth as possible.

Are they getting word of mouth referrals? - This may be the best way to find an agent. Ask around - see what your friends and family think. Word of mouth referrals are good indicators of whether someone has proven themselves.

If you have any questions, or would like to see our track record, marketing plan, or resume, call or email us today and we'll mail it out to you.

Thanks for the great referrals and for making us the #2 RE/MAX team in the entire state of California. It's always a pleasure to serve you!